Dancer of the Month

September 2013

Kayla Fielder Kayla Fielder

Kayla is 15 years old and a sophomore at Montgomery Central High School. She loves the color purple and chewy sweet-tarts. She also enjoys studying medical therapeutics, and hopes to obtain a career in the medical field.

When she isn’t dancing, Kayla enjoys reading and listening to music (as long as it isn’t nasty or scream-o).

Kayla admires her dance teacher, Mrs. Becky Rassas. Her favorite part about dance is being able to express herself while being around her second family.

Congratulations Kayla! You are the September ‘Dancer of the Month’!!
October 2013

Makeena Cleveland  Makenna Cleveland

  Makenna is a 12 year old 7th grader at Clarksville Academy. She enjoys studying science, but when   she grows up she dreams of being a dancer.

  Makenna admires Brooke Hyland and enjoys listening to her music. When she is not   in the studio,   Makeena likes playing Minecraft. Her favorite color is blue, and she LOVES spaghetti.

  Makenna’s favorite part about dance is working on her turns!!

  Congratulations Makenna! You are the October ‘Dancer of the Month’!!
November 2013

Savannah Oliver Savannah Oliver

Savannah is one of our younger dancers, but definietly has a lot of spunk (as you can see in her photo!!)!!!

Her favorite color is PINK, and she enjoys eating popcorn. Yum! Some of her favorite activities include jumping on her pogo stick, and listening to Justin Bieber!

When Savannah grows up she wants to be a police officer!

Congratulations Savannah! You are the November 'Dancer of the Month'!!

   January 2014

     Olivia Allen